How to cite an essay

As soon as the first stage is successfully completed, it is necessary to consider the following rules for writing an essay. The second step here will be the preparation of a brief work plan. The text itself should not be too voluminous. The average volume should be 10-15 sheets of A4. It is advisable to divide the abstract into three parts. These include a small introduction, the main part, which can also be divided into several subsections and conclusion. As an additional information, a title page is attached to the essay, which contains the name of the work, the data for the student and the educational institution. Sometimes on the title page the teacher puts his signature, which indicates that the work is checked and evaluated. Applications also include a list of used literature.

Some works, depending on their direction, may contain various graphical indicators and even drawings. It looks very impressive, since the overall appearance of the work will be easier to perceive.

The third step is to find the sources of information necessary for work. This may be literature, useful clippings from newspapers and magazines, links on the Internet. The main thing is that all information is reliable, relevant and true. Some students include sources on this list that they did not mention in the paper. This is done in order to show a variety of selected materials. In fact, such works are written using a couple of books or references. Naturally, in terms of content, this will immediately become clear, and the teacher will not rate such work as highly appreciated.

The fourth stage is the formulation of a detailed work plan. At the initial stage a short structured plan was drawn up. Now it is necessary to paint each item of the first list for several more sub-items in order to make the work easier.

The fifth stage is technical. He is writing the work itself. If a student correctly performed the previous points, then for this stage he will have everything ready and he will just have to correctly state the meaning of the whole work. It is this part that takes the most time and effort. Here it is necessary to correct the mistakes made in the process of analysis, to include various additions and so on. It is mostly not so seriously apply the rules of writing essays. They begin to act on the last step – registration.